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Szczecin - Piastów
Al. Piastów 14/2
70-333 Szczecin
tel: +48 91-48-444-11
Sz-n Administracja
Al. Piastów 14/2
70-333 Szczecin
tel: +48 91-48-444-11
Chrobrego 4A
73-110 Stargard Szczecinski
tel: +48 91 578 0827


“Świat Nieruchomości” estate agency member offices makes a team of professional licensed and chartered estate agencies. Our aim is to guarantee highest safety level in sale purchase and renting real properties. Our feature is high service standard, honesty, professional and individual approach to each and every Client. Due to the fact we work with certified estate agencies, professional service in every “Świat Nieruchomości” office is guaranteed.
As we required each agency has been certified. We are a member of Polish Real Estate Federation (PREF) who recognizes our services highest quality.
100% satisfaction guaranteed as all our world it is “The World of Real Estates” (Świat Nieruchomości).
All those years experience in property sales pays off and allows us to handle sooner and better even most difficult problems. We learned also one and most serious rule that each and every client is most important and as long as each and every client is successful, we are successful, too.
Visit our branch offices where your dreams and plans will turn with our help into reality.

Our agency was founded in 2004 and gradually, thanks to professional background and market knowledge the agency was climbing up to the leader’s position in this industry. We offer full support you in the sale or purchase of a property: flat, house or plot – highly competent team legal and formal advice.

Our first branch office in Szczecin was opened in 2004 meeting big demand for quality real property brokerage. Thanks to professional background and Clients’ trust we had become one of the leading estate agencies in Szczecin and therefore we decided to open new branch offices – in the Centrum Handlowe Turzyn Mall (Świat Nieruchomości Szczecin) and in Świnoujście (Świat Nieruchomości Świnoujście).
Our offer includes standard services dealing with the sale, renting or purchase of a property. In order to meet your expectations we extended our services with financial matters. We will assist you in finding the house or flat of your dreams, and our experts will point the most convenient financing resources needed for the real property.

Świat Nieruchomości Szczecin
Mr. Tomasz Siwicki lic. 1830

Świat Nieruchomości Szczecin – Centrum Handlowe Turzyn Mall branch
Ms. Anna Siwicka lic. 9205


Świat Nieruchomości – Stargard Szczeciński is a rapidly developing estate agency represented by Ms. Krystyna Skworcow (license. 4451 dated 2004 ) who professionally handles all real property matters for our Clients in Stargard Szczeciński district. Its advantage is effectiveness and safety, professional satisfactory service. We not only advise on property sales and purchase, but also proceed the Clients through difficult legal procedures required for such transactions and analyze advantages and disadvantages resulting from the location of a real property, prepare studies and inspections, assist in price negotiations, prepare required documents and give advice on the loan offer.

We are proud to announce we have THREE CHCARTERED LICENSES for REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT: two licenses on real property agency running and one on real property management.

We invite all interested in the subject to visit us in person or contacting us via internet and sending CV and a motivational letter to our box
e-mail: biuro@stargard.swiatnieruchomosci.pl
Apprentice (paid) work available.

Świat Nieruchomości Stargard Szczeciński

Ms. Krystyna Skworcow – lic. 4451

Welcome to Świat Nieruchomości.